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4th European Congress on Endometriosis - EEC2018

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The European Endometriosis League (EEL) was founded in 2005 to extend public awareness and enhance treatment for women suffering from endometriosis. EEL strives to provide a platform for multidisciplinary information, education, advocacy and standards in the field of endometriosis and related gynecological dysfunctions.


In 2018, the 4th European Congress on Endometriosis (EEC2018) will be organised by the European Endometriosis League (EEL) in close collaboration with the World Endometriosis Society (WES). EEC2018 will take place in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria – easy to reach in the heart of Europe.  The congress motto “Come together to get the best vision against pain, bleeding and infertility” captures the collaborative spirit of the congress. By combining European visions with international know-how, the congress addresses both, scientific and clinical topics in endometriosis and its related disorders.


Vienna was the home of Carl Freiherr von Rockitansky, often considered as the 1st full time anatomical pathologist in the 18th century, who identified uterine and ovarian endometriosis and first described a form of adenomyosis in his writings in 1860. Since the early science of endometriosis, a lot of scientific and clinical research has led to today’s understanding of the disease. The future is in the hands of the next generation – our young and dynamic scientists.


For the first time at the European Congress, the programme will also specifically focus on adenomyosis, aetiology, diagnosis and screening, epidemiology, advances in medical treatment, pain and pain mechanisms, prevention, and stems cells and its relevance to the understanding of endometriosis and uterine fibroids.


The Local Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee are putting together an interesting and dynamic programme which includes an extensive block of live surgeries from Kepler University Hospital in Linz, and keynote addresses on topics of pathophysiology and treatment of endometriosis. Additional presentations will involve other aspects, such as fibroids. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations across the myriad of topics of interest to all stakeholders in endometriosis are being solicited via this link.


Our mutual aim is to be a lobby for and to improve the quality of life of women with endometriosis. The congress offers fantastic opportunities to connect with international surgeons, clinicians, reproductive specialists, gynaecologists, urologists, researchers, scientists, allied health care professional and patients, and anyone in the field of endometriosis.


We look forward to coming together in Austria’s capital city Vienna for the 4th European Congress on Endometriosis 2018.


Peter Oppelt | Congress President
Omar Shebl | Congress Secretary Reproduction in Endometriosis
Engin Oral | Congress Secretary Somatic Endometriosis
Stefan Renner | President, European Endometriosis League (EEL)
Neil Johnson | President, World Endometriosis Society (WES)



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