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Wien-Donaustadt, Österreich
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European Congress of Radiology - ECR

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Dear Colleagues & Friends,

Since 1991 the European Congress of Radiology has been the driving force behind the development of a community of dedicated professionals in the field of medical imaging and image-guided therapy that has grown to become the largest radiological society in the world.

ECR 2019 will be the 25th held in Vienna, the right moment to rethink about what we, as radiologists, radiographers, medical physicists and allied scientists, have achieved over the years following the sea of opportunities created by our many congresses over time.

Come and be part of ‘the bigger picture’ by celebrating the 25th anniversary of ECR in Vienna, learning new things, presenting the results of scientific projects, discussing, liaising, collaborating and creating friendships with colleagues from all over the world!

From a long history of dedication, innovation and attention to patients’ care, we can build up our future and ready ourselves to meet the emerging clinical, technological and social challenges of our discipline.


Lorenzo E. Derchi
ESR President



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