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Diabetes-Innovations 2019

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The European Congress on Innovation in Diabetes Innovations (Diabetes-Innovations2019) is organized by Bioevents and will be held from May 27 - 28, 2019 at Hilton Vienna, Vienna, Wien, Austria.


Target Audience:

• Medical Professionals
• R&D personnel 
• CEOs
• Regulatory Affairs specialists
• QA personnel
• Research facility managers
• Pharmaceutical Company representatives
• Start-Up Companies


Conference Description:

Diabetes technology has developed over the last decades to become an essential component of diagnosis and care for patients with diabetes mellitus. New technologies derived from space travel and computer science are soon to be married with existing technology applications to make closed loop systems, artificial pancreas and other emerging treatment options to become real and not only virtual reality.


Diabetes-Innovations2019 will welcome medical professionals, R&D personnel, treatment experts, industry leaders and other experts to the majestic city of Vienna.


The Congress will focus on three main areas:

• Provide a comprehensive overview over the emerging field of new current technology developments as innovative physico-chemical methods in the field of microelectronic mechanic systems and nanotechnology that have finally also reached the diabetes space.
• Provide a comprehensive understanding regarding current approaches to integrate diabetes diagnostics and treatment information to provide real integrated patient care by using the emerging potential of wireless data collection and analysis for effective and safe applications to improve patient healthcare.
• Provide a presentation platform for current non-invasive device developments and applications for assessment of glucose, cardiovascular parameters and other body signals.

 Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.