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SIMULATIONiQ™ from Education Management Solutions (EMS), the leading innovator of healthcare education solutions for over 25 years, is a complete simulation management and audio-video platform for all types of clinical training applications. SIMULATIONiQ provides an efficient, integrated operating system with a full spectrum of customizable options for mid- to large-size standardized patient (SP) and mannequin-based simulation centers, as well as one room, in-situ, and field training environments.

From HD-quality audio-visual hardware and smart, streamlined management software, to evaluation, analysis, and mobile device access, SIMULATIONiQ enables educators to leverage their full simulation efforts and drive tangible results. Bring your programs together in a single, simplified view that saves time, improves clinical outcomes, and provides peace of mind for optimized simulation center operations, multi-source data integration, and enhanced performance reporting for healthcare training and professional development.

SIMULATIONiQ supports the future of clinical education with agile, Next Generation Simulation technology that meets the clinical education industry's evolving needs now, and in the future.

Next Generation Simulation – spearheaded by EMS' new SIMULATIONiQ AV Cloud solution – allows educators to combine curricula and assessment for a complete, 360° view of their people, programs, and processes. While most LMS platforms continue to silo online learning, didactic education, and simulation-based training, EMS-provided SIMULATIONiQ AV Cloud bridges the gap and fuses it all together along with: live stream technology to bring remote and online learners into the simulation center; easy live stream sharing from anywhere; assessment/learner performance data aggregation across both didactic and simulation education for a full and true assessment of competency; and intuitive management of video content with in-video quizzing and analytics.

When used in conjunction with EMS' integrated suite of SIMULATIONiQ and Training in Motion solutions, users have the power to manage programs like never before, all from a single web based setup or wireless tablet. Visit: https://www.simulationiq.com/