CredoWeb penetrates a third European market

CredoWeb penetrates a third European market

Successful start of; After Bulgaria and Austria, Romania is the third European country to welcome CredoWeb – a digital platform connecting medical professionals, patients, institutions, NGOs and the pharmaceutical industry.

CredoWeb penetrates a third European market



Successful start of


After Bulgaria and Austria, Romania is the third European country to welcome CredoWeb – a digital platform connecting medical professionals, patients, institutions, NGOs and the pharmaceutical industry. On September, 28 in Bucharest healthcare industry representatives and over 70 top managers of leading international pharma companies, operating in Romania, saw the successful launch of .The event was carried out under the motto “Welcome to the digital era”.


In the day of the launch, the founder of CredoWeb, Dr. Peter Velev, presented to the audience the global tendencies of digitalization of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The opportunities for digitalization and multichannel marketing offered by CredoWeb were presented by Bogdan Radoi, Managing Partner CredoWeb Romania; Silviya Aleksandrova, Head of Client Solutions Management CredoWeb Bulgaria, Alexandra Veleva CEO, CredoWeb Austria; Camelia Dumitrescu, Marketing Manager, CredoWeb Romania.


Pharma industry people were intrigued by the opportunities that CredoWeb has to offer as digital marketing office and showed an avid interest in the vast functionalities of the platform – expert virtual discussions, precise targeting, the loyalty enhancing interconnection of patients-services-products-experts to name a few.



The launch of CredoWeb Romania is another step towards the expansion of the digital platform into new markets. At the moment the platform is available in English, German, Romanian and Bulgarian. The Spanish and Portuguese versions are just around the corner, paving the way towards Central and South America. Dr. Peter Velev and Bogdan Radoi answered some question from Credo Media at the event of the launch in Romania.


Dr. Peter Velev, CredoWeb founder:


Pharma industry is expected to be not just a supplier of drugs but of services as well. We bear witness to a new era in the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The key point is that digitalization is changing the whole world; it is changing people’s habits, attitudes and the way they experience this changing world. It’s no wonder we speak about “digital citizens” nowadays. And when it comes to the healthcare industry, all professionals expect pharma companies to be not just suppliers of drugs but to fulfil services as well. This means that the industry has to support the doctors prescribing drugs and the patients that take them through all stages of the treatment. Doctors are hungry for much more expert information but they need it to be real-time accessible in an interactive digital environment. Patients, especially those with chronic diseases, who are using specialty drugs that could very often trigger some adverse effects, expect a quick reaction and answers to questions regarding their treatment. Doctors are not available all the time and that is why pharma companies need to step in beyond selling the drug – they need to support and meet the increasing demands of doctors and patients alike. It’s no wonder that we will see several events being carried out in the months to come, all dedicated to the digitalization of healthcare and pharma. What is more, most of these events have been held 10-11 times. This means that for more than 10 years the industry is making investments and is looking for answers and solutions to the challenges and changes brought about by the paradigm shift in communication and information. The motto of one of the major events in Philadelphia, US is “The Uber of the pharma industry has yet to emerge”. That is why the industry is ready to face the digital challenges.

Dr. Peter Velev, CEO CredoWeb



Bogdan Radoi, Managing Partner CredoWeb Romania:


CredoWeb is an independent, neutral digital environment that helps and brings together doctors, patients and the industry.

I have no doubt that the time for digitalization has come in Romania. Internet has become an integral part in the everyday life of people and it’s not only computers but mobile devices as well. Social networks are really popular as well. Up until now, though, the medical guild didn’t have a safe, protected digital environment where they could communicate and share information with one another. The other problem is that patients need to have access to expert information from trusted sources, and Google is not always the right place to research a health problem and make an informed choice. The main difference between CredoWeb and other sites with focus on healthcare is that we are a neutral environment with different instruments offered to the users to communicate with one another and share expert information. Looking for medical information all around the web is a tedious and time-consuming task. We believe that there needs to be place where all the necessary information is gathered and accessible by users of different types that are brought together. This is what we achieve in CredoWeb.

Bogdan Radoi, Managing Partner CredoWeb Romania