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Wien, Österreich
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1st Ultrasound Masterclasses Live 2017

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Dear colleagues,
Ultrasound has become one of the most important diagnostic features in medicine, and an increasing number of healthcare providers in all specialist fields are embarking on the journey to master ultrasound skills. 123sonography and 3rd Rock Ultrasound are your partners in achieving this goal. Many of you are already familiar with our online classes and live courses.

This September we will present our “1st Ultrasound Masterclasses Live” in Vienna. The purpose of this event is to bring your skills to the next level. For four days in one of Europe’s great cities, we offer you a unique opportunity to participate in eleven different courses ranging from introductory material to highly advanced applications. So it doesn´t matter whether you are a curious beginner or experienced sonographer, this is the meeting you want to attend.

All courses will feature some of the world’s best speakers as well as extensive hands-on training. You will be able to work with a wide variety of ultrasound systems from the leaders in ultrasound technology, but also look at some amazing new products from start-up companies with innovative strategies for bedside ultrasound utilization. There will be unique seminars about a wide range of topics that will highlight new technologies and ultrasound applications relevant to your clinical practice.This is an opportunity to hear about what the industry leaders are thinking, provide them with feedback, and network with colleagues who share your interests.

Finally, bring your family. We have arranged for this meeting to be held in a truly special venue in the heart of beautiful Vienna. Special sightseeing events have been arranged. Shopping and great food are short walks in every direction. Mark your calendars now to join us this September.

Thomas Binder, MD,
Thomas Cook, MD
Patrik Hunt, MD


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