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Advanced FATE Kurs (Echokardiographiekurs für AnästhesistInnen, leicht fortgeschritten)

Med. Fortbildung,  Öffentlich

Basic FATE (Focus Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography)

FATE is the original Focused Echo Protocol practiced since 1989. FATE fast and easy to learn and can be applied in a multitude of clinical scenarios:

Perioperatively as well as in intensive care medicine, emergency medicine and resuscitation – there are no limitations.

FATE also provides a quick guidance to interpret sonocardiographic findings and how to put them into clinical context.


There are two FATE levels:

  • BasicFATE (e-learning + one day HOT* course): Based on two dimensional imaging of the easiest cardiac views including M-mode.
  • Advanced FATE (e-learning + one day HOT* course): Basic FATE supplied with extended cardiac views and Doppler ultrasound for cardiac output andpressure measurement together with assessment of left ventricle diastolic function. Objective Provide the attendees with basic sonocardiographic needs for the non – cardiologist in order to guide cardio – pulmonary optimization.

Who Can Attend

Physicians of all specialties facing acute patients, e.g. anesthesiologists, intensivists , emergency physicians, internists, surgeons, general practitioners.


Precourse qualification

No prior ultrasound experience is required. It is highly recommended to prepare the theoretical basics provided by an easy-to-use e-learning module.

The course will primarily consist of hands on training (HOT)!



English & German (HOT)


Registration fee

490 € ( 250 € H, CZ, SK, SL, HR, BIH, RS)

Incl. e-learning, 1-day workshop & lunch

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