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EUROSPINE Spring Specialty Meeting

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Dear members, colleagues and friends,

a warm welcome to the EUROSPINE Spring Speciality Meeting in April 2018 in Vienna, Austria!

For the first time a EUROSPINE Spring Speciality Meeting is conducted on prevention strategies of spinal disability. Spinal disability is considered a global burden. It is one of the main reasons for disability among the working population. With our aging population, spinal disability becomes also an increasing problem in older people.

For the EUROSPINE Spring Speciality Meeting 2018 we have invited specialists from Europe and other parts of the world. You will hear specialists from different areas like politicians, insurance companies, world health organisations and other organisations. We have invited specialists with different backgrounds from epidemiology, health care specialists, physiotherapists, surgeons, psychologists, chiropractors, insurance management and from many other professions. There are also invited speakers for scientific talks, keynote lectures, debates and discussions. However, we are very much looking forward for an intense exchange of knowledge, also with all participants in lively discussions.

Beyond the scientific meeting, Vienna offers a wide variety of exciting things of experiences from old historic buildings, classic concerts, the Opera and other cultural highlights to modern museums and pop concerts. Walk in the footsteps of the Habsburgs, visit the baroque Schönbrunn palace or stroll along the magnificent Ring Boulevard and look at the Imperial Palace.

We are certain that this Spring Speciality Meeting will be a memorable and enjoyable meeting.

We look forward to meet you personally at the EUROSPINE Spring Speciality Meeting 2018 in Vienna.

Pierre Côté, Margareta Nordin and Michael Ogon

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