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Brain Metastasis Research Symposium: From Basic Science to Clinics 2019

Med. Fortbildung,  Öffentlich

Symposium Summary

Brain metastases are a common and devastating clinical complication of cancer. Approximately 25% of patients with cancer will develop brain metastases. Median survival is limited after the diagnosis of a metastasis in the central nervous system despite having received standard therapies. Historically, our limited understanding of the molecular drivers and the microenvironment of brain metastases has hampered the application and development of novel therapeutics for this common complication of cancer. Recently, significant progress has been made in our understanding of the mechanisms of invasion and metastasis, tumor genetics, the immune microenvironment and the blood brain barrier. Novel targeted and immunotherapies are showing promise in brain metastases patients. We aim to bring together a panel of internationally recognized basic, translational, and clinical researchers in the field to discuss the latest advancements in the biology of brain metastases and the therapeutic implications of these advancements. The ultimate goal is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and importantly, to foster new collaborations to advance the field.


Educational Objectives

  • Evaluate and discuss the latest scientific advancements in brain metastases, including genomics, animal models, and the role of the immune microenvironment and blood brain barrier.
  • Develop strategies to incorporate emerging scientific advances to clinical trials and treatment paradigms.
  • Discuss the latest advanced imaging techniques for brain metastases and how they can be applied to clinical trials.
  • Evaluate the role of novel targeted therapies and immunotherapies in the management of brain metastases.


Anna Berghoff, MD, PhD

Medical University of Vienna
Department of Medicine I
Clinical Division of Oncology


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