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59th World Congress International College of Angiology - ICA

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The Global Goals of this Congress are to communicate a commitment by providing needs-based education.

The 59th Annual World Congress of the International College of Angiology will be held in cooperation with Vascular International and Austrian Interventional Working Group and will take place from September 7 to 9, 2017 at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna. The local organizer and conference president is O.-Univ.-Prof. Dr. Otmar Pachinger from Innsbruck, together with PD Dr. Juergen Falkensammer, Department of Vascular Surgery, Wilhelminen Hospital, Vienna/Sigmund Freud University, Vienna.

State of the Art techniques concerning diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular diseases will be discussed by internationally well-renowned faculty members.

Live video presentations, panel discussions and frequently asked question sessions will focus on controversial issues of vascular and heart diseases.

The world congress 2017 will address all urgent issues from surgical, percutaneous and conservative therapy options, peripheral vasculopathies, to coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as aortic aneurysms.

Join your colleagues from around the world and explore key areas rapidly expanding in cardiovascular medicine and surgery. This congress is designed to provide a unique blend of disciplines and meet the specific educational needs of medical professionals involved with the management and treatment of cardiovascular diseases as they are encountered by primary care physicians, vascular, general, thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, interventional radiologists, neuroradiologists, fellows and residents, vascular biologists and their staff, nurses and allied healthcare personnel.

The objective of this congress is to offer a serious academic forum to those physicians and allied healthcare personnel interested in research, education and clinical investigation in the field of cardiovascular and vascular diseases. Special emphasis will be placed upon evolving trends, therapies and minimally invasive treatment.

We encourage all of our colleagues to participate in this educational program. 


Programm Chairman

Prof. Kailash Prasad, MBBS (Hons), MD, PhD, DSc, FRCPC, FIACS, FICA

Chairman, Scientific Committee
Chairman, Local Organizing Committee

Prof. Otmar M. Pachinger, MD, FESC, FAHA, FICA
PD Jürgen Falkensammer, MD


Contact us

Executive Office: 

International College of Angiology 
161 Morin Drive Jay,
Vermont 05859-9283 USA 
Tel: +802.988.4065 
Fax: +802.988.4066


Keynote Speaker and Presentations

We will have an impressive linup of featured keynote speakers and presentations that will be sure to challange and motivate our audience! Some preliminary highlights are:

- Thoratic Aortic Aneuriysm – Paradigm for Detecting a Silent Killer
- Cardiac Surgery and ist Conflict with Interventional Cardiology
- Prevention of Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation
- How low should LDL Cholesterol be?
- New Prevention Guidlines for Cardiovascular Disease
- Workshops for Complex Coronary Interventions – Pacemaker Implantation – Peripheral Artery Disease
- Multidisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Disease
- TAVI versus Valve Surgery
- Challanges in Peripheral Vascular Disease


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